About us

Hello and welcome to Sozial Chef. We are a community driven cooking social network for foodies who likes to cook.  As a “Social Network for Foodies” we are a premier website providing food lovers across the world with a platform to showcase their recipes. We are all about food and recipes!

We consider ourselves a foodie pro with vast experience amassed over the years. We got inspiration to start up our food social network from real life events. We witnessed how people wanted to share their ideas and recipes or learn new recipes but lacked a platform to do it. Our passion propelled us to come up with Sozial Chef. We wanted people to share their expertise with the world. We are guided by our motto; sharing is caring. Our goal is to increase brand recognition to reach more foodies and build a reputation that best portrays our values.

Our primary objective is to make great strides and be a recognized leader in the food industry. We are aware that there is a rush in companies that offer the same services like us in the foodie market. We are not an ordinary site; we have added features to our site that makes navigation easier and more fun. We have a well-trained and enthusiastic team that has a shared mission: to help food lovers interact freely by giving top-notch services to the millions of foodies out there.

As a social media platform, we provide food lovers with immense benefits.

Some of the basic features of this site are:

  1. Member Registration and Profile – you can create your profile by filling in your details. The more info you put in your bio, the more people will get to know you.
  2. Member will submit the recipes – all members have the opportunity to present their recipes for the world to see. You can send pictures or videos of you cooking for the fans to see and comment. We aim to fulfill food fantasy of our members.
  3. Follow other members/Friend request/Inbox – just like other social networks, you can send other members friend requests, follow them or even send them Private Messages.
  4. Groups/Forum/Event – we host online events where all members can participate. These discussions help the food lovers to interact more and share ideas.
  5. Food blog – we have a food blog which we update with new posts now and then. Keep checking for fresh posts. View it as chefstalk where experts share their experiences.
  6. Complete Social Networking features – consider us a superior social media portal but focused on food. You can join or be a fan of pages that interest you. Social cooking is trending, and you should join the bandwagon.


Kindly get in touch with any suggestion. We love to get feedback from users as it enables us to serve them better. For questions, we will give you a prompt response. Join us today and revolutionize your food experience. We are waiting to hear from you!